Interview to GEORGE CLOONEY in Venice film festival about his new movie ‘Suburbicon’.

I have been at the presentation of the last movie where George Clooney is director and not actor, ‘Suburbicon’, a black comedy on the issue of racism in Usa. This is what he told:

What did you think about America when you started doing this film?

The genesis of the screenplay started when I watched a lot of speeches on the campaign trail about minorities, and I found this story that has happened in Pennsylvania, so I remembered the Cohen had written ‘Suburbicon’ and I found a kind of perfect match. I have tried to find a funny way to explore these issues. Unfortunately these issues are never out of vogue in our country.

What is the relation of the lucid normality of Matt Demon’s character with the collective insanity we live these days?

First of all I want to agree with the insane Matt Demon is part of the fun with this… (laughing…) . I grew up in the South in the sixties and seventies, segregation was going away and of course we have done a lot from original slavery and racism. The idea was just to say “you are looking in the wrong direction”, while white men are losing their privileges and blame minority. We have put this insane family in the middle of an insane story. This is what we did it.

In this film there is a lot of angry. Can we say this is an angry film?

Yes, it is an angry film. If you go to our country, probably it’s the angriest eye I have ever seen in the country. There is a dark cloud hanging over our country right now, and I’m an optimist but a lot of us are angry, angry with ourselves and angry at the way country and the world are going. We did not want to make a civic lesson, we wanted to be funny, but it is certain an angry movie.

All the movie is based on the view of a child.

Yes, in fact there were an original script named with the eye of the child, because we wanted to create a comfortable feeling in the viewer. Watching through a child eye I think to be a positive person, an optimistic person, and when the children look at that world they think that things should go better. And we have not written anything but only asked to the composer to write a music to describe this feeling of the children.

From the Cohen original script this is a less ironic movie, full of real “monsters” from society. Why this choice?

The monsters aren’t just bad people. You form them, and it happens caused by very stupid mistakes. In every single choice they make the wrong one. Monsters are created, become monsters along the way.

Did you feel that Trump was coming while you started this movie? Or it was a surprise for you?

The reality is that Trump’s coming in has been a big surprise for a lot of people. These are element that are always played in America. The ‘Suburbicon’ is part of our lives. After the Second World War this was the way middle class lived, having schools and a house with a swimming pool… This is not a movie about Donald Trump, this is a movie about the issue that we have never really addressed the racism in our country. We favorited integration but we have people that educate themselves without it.