The war between Internet and Theatres has officially started.

Will Netflix kill the theatre movie industry?

A war between Internet and Theatres has started. Who will be the winner?


The selectors of the most important film festival in the world has included in the official selection two movies produced by Netflix. Everybody have been happy for that, especially for the new languages and topics that usually Netflix series drives get with them. This was until someone discovered the Netflix had already decided not to sell its movies to any theather distributions, because their business model is based on actracting subscribers with new and original contents. As a consequence the organization of the festival has decided that, starting from the next year, movies that does not declare their availability for a theatre distribution, at least in France, will be not admitted. Yes, but what’s happening to movie industry?


Like Amazon started with books and now sells toasters, Netflix has started with VHS in renting, now produces movies and we can believe that, in the future…  will sell toasters. Why? Because the only thing that internet companies want are: 1. Having mass of private consumers connection and profile; 2. Selling them everything they can. Probably in the future there will be a close network of companies networked and engaged to connect with people and sell everything to them. But how can they afford this? Why no other competitors have started similar paths?


Today everybody think that these big internet companies will dominate the world, but it’s not different to what people thought when postal catalogues started their promo, remaining, after some years, just a few percentage of the market and then closing. This happened because the real contact always wins versus the imaginary, like words-of-mouth always wins on advertises, and for the simple reason that proposing products in special offer from a long distance become a stronge incentive to sell the same things on the normal retail network, thing that has always happened. It’s not for a case that we eveybody are ‘in social’ but a bit bored about that and we are using social portals at 99% as a communication tools, only as an extended network of people we know and not as the entertainement system internet companies has tried to create. At the end imaginery is not so interesting and the person-to-person contact will always win.

For the same reason we all love the real sharing of the theaters that will never die.

So Netflix, please, Go Home (and not into the theatres)!  😊