Calling stars and helping charities. World is changing…

Do you want yo call your favourite star ?

It’s arriving Coach4Charity, the App that connects celebrities with their fans privately.


The dream of any fan is becoming true: connecting privately with his favourite star, singer, actor, soccer player, writer. How this magic will be possible? Very simple, a smartphone app will allow “everybody” to call his or her star and also receive from him or her very precious advices on how having the big carrier he or she has had. But the secret of the App, because the difficult is on persuading big celebrities to share part of their super private time to normal people, is another. So, how this can happen?


Big VIPs, big stars and all celebrities are not new to being involved charity activities, and with the Coach4Charity App they make available part of their time and their knowledge to a user, typically a fan, winner of an auction that let the person to be in contact with the star. The magic thing is that the proceeds go to a charity or a charity project choosen by the VIP.


It’s for sure that this App, now startupping and busy in the selection of the most important celebrities of the world, will income many millions from the many millions of fans that have not other dream that connecting with their most loved superstars. In the foresee the world auction will arrive to 20-25,000 dollars for a connection. Anyway one hour on video chatting with Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie is estimated at this high value from many people, and maybe more…

For now let’s stay tuned and ready to download, as soon as possible, Coach4Charity !

Do you want to call your favourite star?