We All Go To Cannes Film Festival

Cannes: for 2 weeks main capital in the World of Imaginary

Every year the same question: why all those people go to Cannes?
Festival de Cannes: The biggest movie show in the world

Cannes, the ‘one and only’ town that for two weeks every year becomes the City Of The Movies, main capital of the motion picture “industries and lights”, is starting its engine. Almost 200 movies will be presented, showed, talked about to and from a primary audience of thousand people that have only one thing in their mind: CINEMA.

Cannes News of 2017

As about all the 70 previous editions Cannes has not any news in the organization. In a very known and loved format the festival shows new stars and old ones, a lot a new movies and some big classics, a number of movies shown inside big and small theatres and others during the famous projections on the beach in the evening. Three kinds of people will be presented to the audience: directors, big stars and big actors. So, what we should expect from the Festival? Why thousand of us go there? What makes the “Festival de Cannes” so magic and special? Audience cannot go inside to watch any movie and red carpet is totally occupied by photographers and tv cameras on both sides, but an oceanic number of people arrive there in those days to be there. Why? What’s always new in the festival?

The history of the history

The answer is simple: just taking a look at the awarded movies, and also watching the movies themselves of course, along the many years from 1939 to now, is easily understandable that there are no a topics, issues, a social dynamic steps, cultural developed paths, that we can consider very important in these decades, that has not been narrated in some movie here. We could say that, looking at this 70 years, no social event could be really told that has not been represented in the motion picture imaginary as seen in the ‘Festival de Cannes’. Yes, a lot of movies that we love have not been awarded and much other not even selected, maybe the festival falls in love more with directors then with movies, we also can say that sometimes is “too much French” (but France is at the 4th position as awarded movies after Usa, Italy and Uk)…

It’s a kind of magic

But one thing we ca say for sure: being there is being in the cinema people, or, more, being in the “world” people that go there, or, even more, in the big flow of human history represented by the ‘Festival de Cannes’ movie. Inside the light and magic illusion of this magic place we really think  to be inside in the world imaginery… forever !

So, let’s meet in Cannes… even this year !